Diamond Eternity Rings: The Best Gift to Express Your Eternal Love

Published: 17th April 2012
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No other pieces of jewelry can be compared with diamond jewelry because it has been the first choice of both men and women. The glitter, eye-catching designs and beauty of diamonds stand jewelry enthusiasts apart from the crowd and at the same time persuade others to buy or get the best designed diamond jewelry ever. Diamond eternity ring is also one of the most preferred diamond jewelry that truly speaks about eternal, everlasting love and affection when you present it to your sweetheart. One of the most exciting times in women's life is to breathlessly await the opening of that small velvet box and see nestled within it the amazingly beautiful ring. This is the moment all girls have been dreaming of since childhood.

Dating back as far as 4000 years, Ancient Egyptians are considered to be the first to exchange and wear eternity rings, believing that the circular shape of a ring symbolized eternity. Some early examples of eternity rings were also designed to mimic the image of a snake devouring its own tail, a common symbol used to represent eternity. Moreover, the ring was placed on the third finger of the left hand as Ancient Egyptians strongly believed that this finger contained the “vena amoris” – “vein of love”.

Diamond Eternity Ring is given on different special occasions like wedding, anniversary, birth of a child to express undying and eternal love and to commemorate the years couple spent together. However, the jewelry piece is a little bit expensive, but cost doesn't matter to express the love and affection. Fascinating lustrous eternity ring is the embodiment of wealth, happiness and brings an unspoken message that is clear to the particular society. It is interesting to mention that some people believe that each stone symbolizes something special and very important in their relations as the day of the first dating, first kiss, wedding day, birth of children and future they are building together: new events and memories. Depending on your choice and budget, diamond eternity rings are available in myriad designs, shapes and styles. Apart from this, these rings are available in 14K, 18K white, yellow and rose gold, platinum, and silver as selection of the metal depends on your choice. In addition to that, there are two types of eternity rings: "full eternity" when the diamonds are set all the way around the ring and "half eternity" when the stones are set in the front part of the ring. Both types of such eternity rings are very popular among women and always in a great demand. If the diamonds go all the way around it symbolizes your love as continuous circle that never ends. Moreover, your selected diamond eternity ring can also be customized with different color diamonds as per your choice that will meet all your requirements.

The Wide 14K Round diamond Eternity Ring, for instance, is also the unique diamond piece of jewelry that not only makes a new style statement, but at the same time leaves a remarkable impression on your darling when she receives it on wedding, anniversary, birth of a child or other important occasions. The eye-catching and exclusively designed diamond eternity rings showcase dazzling diamonds in different shapes and cuts like round, princess, that are always trendy, and some others. The luxurious designs, incomparably exclusive and precise work of goldsmiths make these rings the first choice to present on the special occasion.

Choosing the eternity band you should decide on the setting you would like to have. There are a variety of settings available for such rings. The channel setting, for instance, is the most popular because it is easy to manufacture and it holds stones securely. The prong setting is secure as well as each stone is held in place by a prong. The bar setting is the one where a bar of platinum or gold is placed between the stones.

These unique gift items have been hot favorite choice among elite class and celebrities, but today middle class representatives also buy diamond eternity rings for that special occasion to present with. And its credit goes to world-class designers who put their efforts to make inexpensive and affordable diamond eternity rings by reducing the weight and size of the diamond but still making the ring amazingly beautiful, extravagant and exclusive.

With the availability of unique designs in platinum and variation of gold usually 14 k or 18k yellow, rose or white gold, getting the right one is easy. When it comes to buy diamond eternity rings, you can purchase the best one easily as there are a number of reputable jewelry stores that also offer diamond jewelry online. So you can choose the eternity ring you are dreaming of from the comfort of your home hassle-free and without any rush and pressure.

Eternity diamond rings will never go out of style and are always loved and admired by all women.

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